when:  August 11 - 20      where:  gettysburg & Biglerville restaurants

Visit a restaurant and order off special "Bounty of the County" menus  that will feature produce
from our Adams County fruit farms, created by chefs and owners of our local restaurants.  
Lots of local produce in lots of local restaurants!


fresh from adams county farms

Growers work hard all season long to grow tasty produce.  In August, Adams County farms are harvesting apples, peaches, berries, and vegetables.  We want you to enjoy the fresh food the way the growers do - very soon after it's harvested.  Many farms on the rolling hills around Adams County will provide the produce found the new menu items for this special event.  Come back in a few weeks for a full list of the farms who will provide the apples, peaches, and other produce!


prepared at local restaurants

Restaurants throughout Gettysburg and Biglerville are participating in the Bounty of the County event.  Chefs will craft delectable dishes from the fresh produce straight from Adams County farms.  When you visit a restaurant, look for a specialty menu with a list of the dishes and beverages you can choose from.  Then enjoy!  Want to know which restaurants to visit?  Check back here in a few weeks for the full list.

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