when:  August 9 - 18    where:  Adams County restaurants

Visit a restaurant and order off special "Bounty of the County" menus  that feature produce
from our Adams County fruit farms, created by chefs and owners of our local restaurants.  

You'll get fresh local fruits and vegetables in a delicious meal, and with your purchase support both local restaurants and local farmers - a portion of the proceeds will support research and education for Adams County fruit growers.  These are vital to the future of our farming community.  Thank you!


fresh from adams county farms

Growers work hard all season long to grow tasty produce.  In August, Adams County farms are harvesting apples, peaches, berries, and vegetables.  We want you to enjoy the fresh food the way the growers do - very soon after it's harvested.  Many farms on the rolling hills around Adams County will provide the produce found the new menu items for this special event.  Click the "Farms" button below to find the farms.


prepared at local restaurants

Restaurants in Gettysburg and throughout Adams County are participating in the Bounty of the County event.  Chefs will craft delectable dishes from the fresh produce straight from Adams County farms.  When you visit a restaurant, look for or ask about a specialty menu with a list of the dishes and beverages you can choose from.  Then enjoy!  Want to know which restaurants to visit?  Click the "Restaurants" button below for the full list.

Adams County harvests a big bounty

The South Mountain Fruit Belt in Adams County creates a superb growing environment for many fruits and vegetables.  There are over 20,000 acres of orchards throughout the county, plus many acres of vegetables and small fruits like strawberries.  Farmers grow over 7 million bushels or 280 million pounds of apples!  That places Adams County 4th on the list of biggest producers of apples.  Most growers also grow peaches, nectarines, and sweet and tart cherries in addition to apples.  That fruit goes to many farm markets and farmers markets in the area.  In addition, it ends up on grocery store shelves and in juice, pie filling, and apple butter and applesauce.  Not to mention all the other fruits and vegetables that farmers grow all over the county!

Media Coverage

Philly Bite.PNG

Philly Bite Magazine

We were featured in Philly Bite magazine - showcasing our large fruit growing region that's "it's not just apples; local growers also cultivate peaches, nectarines, cherries and bushels of other fruits and vegetables."  Ge the full article here:  https://www.phillybite.com/index.php/local-news/20-philly-suburb/3905-bounty-of-the-county-celebrates-adams-county-s-harvest


We're on the list

Gettsburg Adams Chamber of Commerce.jpg

We've been included in several lists and email blasts promoting great local events including the Central Penn Business Journal, Gettysburg Adams Chamber of Commerce, and Adams County Food Policy Council.  We've been promoted by the Destination Gettysburg, the South Mountain Partnership, visitPA, and Celebrate Gettysburg.  We were included in the Gettysburg Times in the "Around Town" and "Around Upper Adams" weekly sections. 


Gettysburg Times

The August "Spotlight on Ag" article highlighted the Bounty of the County event.  It listed the 13 participating restaurants and 12 participating farms and businesses.  See the article here:  http://www.gettysburgtimes.com/life_entertainment/home_style/article_5a612680-ae00-56a7-aa9e-0d97dd8fd159.html

Media Coverage from our Inaugural 2017 event

fox 43 live morning coverage

We were on the news!  Jennifer Ready from FOX43 interviewed us 4 times throughout the morning on Friday August 11th to kick off our 10 day event.  Two of those segments are available in the video at the link.  The first stop was at Hollabaugh Bros, Inc. who are participating in our event, and had the market open for us at 4:30 in the morning!  Then we ventured into town to see One Lincoln where Chef had arranged several absolutely stunning and delicious dishes from our Adams County produce.



destination gettysburg "Road Tripping" Video

Check out this awesome video from Destination Gettysburg!  They stop at The Historic Round Barn & Farm Market to tell you all about our Bounty of the County event.  There are 9 farms donating produce (see the link above to learn more about them) and 11 participating restaurants.


the town dish

The Town Dish wrote "Supporting local farmers and local dining establishments, while also getting to feast on fresh, delicious food? Sign us up!"  We completely agree.  They also talked with our event coordinator, Kevin Knouse, about what we have planned.  Read all the details at https://www.thetowndish.com/2017/07/27/celebrate-adams-county-inaugural-bounty-county-event-august-11-20/


gettysburg times

We have several mentions in the Gettysburg Times.  You may need to log in to the website to be able to read these articles online.

  • Spotlight on Ag article from July connects our Bounty of the County event to the young growers of the industry learning new and better skills to continually improve Adams County produce. Find it here: http://www.gettysburgtimes.com/news/basket/article_bde24334-0745-5cf6-97c6-766cf2896de0.html

  • Spotlight on Ag article from August lays out the details of the restaurants participating the the farms donating produce. Check it out: http://www.gettysburgtimes.com/life_entertainment/home_style/article_69eba12a-994f-5c1b-ad32-f7477d896f9e.html

  • Fred Snyder and Ruth Bretzman also included us in their weekly columns - Around Town and Around Upper Adams!

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